Almost to the Top

Before moving to the entire group to the 6th floor, Worm volunteered to scout ahead. The small goblin was greeted with rows and rows of mirrors. After multiple detects of psionics, magic, and other searches of the like they located a door hidden by illusion. Captured enemies told them it was the abomination room and that whatever creatures were inside were guarding some treasure. The abominations inside were unknown to the lower ranked folk. All they knew that someone once went inside and were torn limb from limb.

After deciding that they didn’t want to feel reckless they trudged up the stairwell this time letting Zaratash scout ahead to the 7th floor. At the next floor he found himself in a small kitchen, the cutting board had chopped vegetables that seemed to be left suddenly unattended. He continued to explore the rest of the floor, freezing in his tracks when he heard a moan of pain. Reporting what he had heard to his allies the rest of them headed up. The place was a holding area and torture room with two victims still attached to their devices inside. A House Vadalis member, Alis, had been captured not too long ago had to leg mangled by a knee-splitter. The other prison was a familiar face to Henry, a young Warden of the Wood Hal, who had been captured for at least two weeks. Hal was part of a patrol that was ambushed and interrogated for information. The rest of his unit was cooked alive in the bronze bull. Coatl had been down in the torture chambers using a orbs to capture what he thinks was their pain. Neblin deduced it was part of some ritual maybe, a demonic one if anything. The pair were unable to tell the group what they would find on the floors above. But they pressed on anyhow.

The 8th floor was a greenhouse, which housed most of the tower’s medicinal plants. The area was a mostly opened one with plants growing on the large branches. This was the one area so far that allowed access to the outside. Once glance around and Henry immediately knew that some of the plants were actually sentient. So the group decided it would be wise to come back later once Coatl was out of the picture.

The 9th floor was full of commotion. Whoever was on the lower floors must’ve come up here. Using the element of surprise the adventurers descended upon the unwary druid like a plague of locusts. Halfway through the battle a group of druids erected a slab of stone and made their way to the 10th floor. Moments later a head rolled down the stairwell, which turned out to be one of the druids that went up there.

Henry’s animal companion reported that the area smelled of fire and brimstone, but there were no signs of life as fair as he could see, but he could smell Lyle, eagles, and more fire…



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