Dammit Druid Affairs!

House Orien was kind enough to arrange passage across the lake with Captain Ninefingers of the boat called Smooth sailing. During their journey on the ship they became acquainted with the eco terrorist group known as the Ashbound. One of the said group tried to attack Smooth Sailing with a swarm of summoned crabs, but then the steamer just sailed off.

Sometime later the adventurers landed in Delethorn, an establishment for House Vadalis. The group learned that there was a druid named Henry Greenlull that was currently investigating nearby Ashbound activity. It was very well known that the Ashbound hates House Vadalis for mage breeding animals and it was not the first sighting of them in the area. Henry happened to be heading towards the same direction as the adventurers and welcomed the opportunity to have traveling companions. During their time in Delethorn the group acquired a few dire wolves…Don’t know how that happened.

Henry told the group that they had to stop by Neirn and Greenheart on their way to Crescent Bay. On their way to Neirn they found one of Henry’s apprentices with a traitor Peter, formerly House Vadalis, nearly dead on the road. Amber told Henry on their way back to Neirn with some arcane artifacts they found in some ruins they were attacked by the Ashbound who stole the artifacts and Henry’s nephew Lyle. The group was being led by Coatl, one of the many heads of the Ashbound who had been missing for some time. The last person to fight Coatl was Henry. Peter after being smacked around a bit and nearly killed by Oswald told the group that Lyle was taken to a base near the Gloom. They now race there to try to save Lyle and to get back the stole artifacts.



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