Murder on the Passage Express

The adventurers did some shopping in Flame Keep before they departed to Passage, Eldreen Reaches. When they finished they met up with Daric and he handed then their tickets, “These are your lightning rail passes. Your train will depart in the morning and it will take two days to reach Passage. From there head to Blood Crescent our outpost in the Demon Wastes. The commander of the post is Baruk. He can be a little ruthless but he is cunning, you have to be to deflect onslaughts out there. He’ll give you everything that we found on Magpie.”

In the morning the group headed to the station boarding onto platform 13. The conductor a man with a large red bushy mustache introduced himself as Sert Mcgowan and he cheerfully welcomed them on the train. He directed them to their second class cabins further down. He explained that there were 13 cars to this train, which included 2 1st class cars, 2 2nd class cars, a dining car, a ballroom car, 2 lounge cars, the tavern car called the Blue Flamingo, steerage car, storage car, service car, and a caboose. He also mentioned there was a very rude, ill tempered warforged on board that he himself had a nasty run in with and warned them to try not to crush his head.

After getting situated the group went to the Blue Flamingo Tavern for a drink and a warm meal. In the tavern they met several interesting people. There was the waiter and waitress George Sands and Kia Awe. Kia was the one who served them most of the night. She was a blonde woman with a fieriest temper this side of Thrane or so the barkeep Big Ned would say. For most of the night she would grumble about a warforged named Axen, who had insulted her.

There were also two warforged having a meal with a very well dress woman who introduced herself as Welia Vance, a very successful jewelry merchant. She was traveling to Passage with her two employees Nife and Axen. The two warforged were very skilled jewelry makers. Nife was very polite and answered any questions the group had while Axen glared at the group especially Neblin who openly expressed his disgust of the construct. Worm learning that Mr.Figglebottom was a professor of alchemy at a university struck up a converstion with the man and his gnome wife Matty. The professor mentioned to the goblin about his chat with the train’s engineer’s Yeli and Shelly Watts. Taking immediate interested he headed towards the train after Mr.Figglebottom gave a note to Kia.

A group of children followed the goblin, who was oblivious. After gathering all the information he could about Inspired activity Zaratash also went to the car after hearing about the children following his comrade. Bored with the usual affair Oswald struck up a conversation with Big Ned about weaponry while Neblin and Shad joined a group of elf bards as they sung about the old country.

Night came and there was a scream. Ms. Vance stumbled on the body of Axen who had been apparently knocked out and disassembled by a blow torch. A strange man in a trench coat, who introduced himself as Detective Cluso, charged into the room and annouced that he would solved the murder. As quickly as he came he disappeared leaving everyone very confused.

After some investigated it turned out Mr.Figglebottom had the blow torch in his room, but Kia admitted to the adventurers she and the professor were having a affair during the time of the murder. So it must have been planted. Nife told the players that he was looking for his enchanted wrench Lucky in the storage car, but they found it in the murder room and Axen had a wrench shaped dent on his head. Sert also piped up that while he was out on a smoke break he save Nife taking to Yeli. Yeli told the adventurers that he had lent his blow torch to the polite warforged. When confronted Nife had no idea what the adventurers were talking about.

Zaratash detected psionics on the storage revealing that Nife may have been dominated while in the car. When they found this out Zaratash asked Nife if Ms.Vance had any psionic capabilities and he mentioned that her father was a psion, but he wasn’t sure if his employer had any formal training. So the group investigated Welia Vance’s cabin and discovered documents that Axen had demanded a pay raise or he would transfer to a competitor. To be frank Ms. Vance probably wouldn’t have like that.

Now they search for the psycho psion.



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