Of Gnomes and Gems

So O’mok summoned some magical eagles and told the adventurers that eagles will get them to the coast in four days. They would have to rest the creatures every so often in order not to strain them. When they were arrived at the coast they were to launch some fireworks to signal the ship that would take them to Blood Crescent.

“You mentioned that someone would be glad that you helped us,” Worm inquired during the eagle instruction, “May I ask who?”

O’mok sighed, “My niece, Maagrim, she does some ‘light’ work for your organization.”

“Never heard of her,” Neblin said.

“Well I owed her a few favors,” O’mok left it at that.

Travel was not as smooth as the group would’ve wished. They discovered that they were being trailed by something that was moving at a faster speed than what the eagles could fly. When they turned their pursuers turned. Their idea was to set up an ambush, but first they would see who their attackers were. They stopped and hid and to their surprise it was 2 clockwork soldiers and a large clockwork golem.

Before the battle began the machines demanded that they handed Zaratash over or they would be forced to use excessive force. When the group tried to play dumb the machines attacked. The golem itself was more than a match for them able to slam his opponents with ease. It got really dicey when the golem pushed over a tree Worm was in causing him to topple out.

It took a while, but they were finally able to defeat all of the clockwork beings. Neblin harvested the valuable parts. There weren’t any symbols or crests on the machines to tell the adventurers who had sent these guys. The only clue they had to go on was the serial number, which was on each ones of them, X9768.

A few days later the group reached the shore. They allowed the eagles to go back from whence they came and Worm lit the fireworks. A few hours later a ship came into view and the guys were on it. The trip to Blood Crescent was uneventful.

They immediately went to the leader, who showed them the item in question. A red gem about the size of a fist was embedded into the hard wood floor. Apparently when they tried to ship the gem it became so heavy that it went through the floor after it was dropped.

Surprisingly the gem was easy to left for Oswald. Inside the gem was a gnomes who introduced himself as Jembo. He had been waiting for another group of vict… I mean adventurers to take on the quest for Magpie’s treasure. There were twenty items they had to find, each previous found item would enable them to find the next by Jembo’s scrying. Coincidentally the first item was a suit of full plate which was made out of adamantium, which Oswald immediately agreed tot he quest. The armor was in a town not too far away called Rotting Blade in possession of the ruler of the town.



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