Oh Mr. Sandman...

After talking to Jembo about the treasure the party decided to rest for a little bit before heading towards Rotting Blade. What they gathered from Blood Crescent is that Rotting Blade was a poor town about 50 miles east. Strangely for a poor town they have withstood the elements of the Demon Wastes and their in inhabitants.

In the morning the party headed out. Throughout the day demons flew from above and walked by them but something seemed to be holding them back from attacking. They figured it was the pendants that O’mok had given them that were keeping the demons away.

Soon it was beginning to turn to dusk and the adventurers decided it was time to break for camp so they found an outcropping of rocks to rest within. As they rested Worm, Oswald, and Grey awoke to the sound of flipping wings, hoards of tiny imps started to attack them. Walking up Tristian and Neblin did not work inside their minds they were fighting their own battle. A night hag had infiltrated their dreams. She warned them to stay away from Rotting Blade or they would suffer like no other. She disappeared and in her place they fought a vulture demon. Tristian and Neblin discovered quickly they could dream up incredible things and it would take shape. Soon the demon had to tango with an enormous elemental and an astral deva.

The battle was won however the threat had no affect on the party. They marched on and reach Rotting Blade. The town was a gloomy place. Most of the townsfolk did not make eye contact with the adventurers. There was one town member that interacted with them. A small boy named William, who preferred to be called Billy. The boy immediately took to Grey petting and hugging her. Billy chatted about a strange blue ugly lady he followed into a broken house. He described the night hag that attacked them early.

Interested the party went to the house the boy spoke of and found her hearthstone which had the ability to transfer one into the dreams of others. The suit of armor they found an image of it in a painting which depicted the founder of the town a Nathaniel Bladesplitter. They also discovered that Vraria, the night hag had received summons from a person named Kyrale. Vraria had left in such a hurry that the house was very poorly warded. It was easy to grab tuff.

Billy mentioned to them that the founder of the town looked like a man he knew. A dopey man named Nerman Awkan and he was silly he said. The party paid a visit to the man thinking he may possess the armor, but he didn’t. However strangely enough though he had never seen the armor he could describe it perfectly, because he dreamed of it every night. Using the hearthstone after they knocked Nerman and Billy out with a sleeping spell they went into his dream. Tristian tricked dream Nerman to go into the other room with him, pretending to adjust and fit his armor. When he stepped out dream Nerman was knocked out by Oswald and stripped of his armor.

When they came back in the real world Nerman’s wife had come downstairs to check on them only to be knocked out also. Then Worm took out his bag of tricks and ferrets appeared. No one knew why they did that. With the armor in the bag they took Billy home, but not before trapping Vraria’s house with explosives and other traps. They were going to destroy her. Grey especially wanted this because people in the town were basically food. Night hags eat humans.

Now they plot. If the traps don’t kill this bitch, they will.



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