She's a Witch!

The adventurers migrated their way back to Red Lagoon after acquiring the permit for Eric Mcwert needed for his tobacco farm. When they got back they made a deal with the plantation owner and the group sat down to have a chat. All parties came to a agreement that their house would be able to purchase the mines for 15,000gp and 4 scrolls.

After all that was said and done as they entered the town. There in the square a house was on fire and standing in front of said house was a boy with a bright grin on his face. It turned out to be Kiwi and he used Worm’s alchemist fire. Zaratash sighed as Shad shoved a piece of cake into Worm’s face. Worm decided to give a goodbye present to the mischievousness reptile. Delighted with his new eye patch, Kiwi dashed off, only to return an hour later mumbling something about putting the eye patch on a half blind troll which was headed to their drug lab.

The adventurers defeated the troll by acrobatically taking off the eye patch and giving him something to east. When the adventurers traveled back to the town Kiwi was there with sheepish look on his face.

Worm handed him a boot and said, "You can’t possibly do anything with this.

Kiwi grabbed the boot and skipped happily away.

The group headed back to Khovaire. They met up with Naila who had another marshall job for them. The cargo this time was a trained battle wyvern. During the journey everybody caught up with familiar faces. Stormbeard immediately shoved alcohol into Shad’s arms. Worm went to chat it up with Spitfire and Stink Eye. Zaratash saw the wizened healer and asked of Inspired One activity. During the trip the airship was attacked by sky pirates. Zaratash and Worm hopped onto flying machines to engage in air combat. Shad stayed oon board to load cannons and Oswald proceeded to chop down a mast that had acquired enemy pirates. The ship was descending but then some magic was casted and the ship levitated to the ground. Worm thought he saw the waitress gilda use magic on the ship and spent the rest of the trip accusing the waitress of being a spellcaster, which was a long time since they were stuck on a plateau in Ironfast for a week before repairs to the ship were made.

When they landed in Thrane Daric told Zaratash that his uncle had come across an item of Quori and now the Inspired Ones are after him. Daric said he was trying to help his uncle as much as he can, but this also means that Zaratash must be hidden to. The dragonmarked heir told them that they were to go to their outpost in the Demon Wastes. Daric has heard rumors of the famous thief Magpie’s treasure and the outpost attendant had proof.



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