She's One Crazy Bitch

There was a train wide search for the psionic. Neblin and Zaratash went towards the caboose while Worm and Oswald headed toward the front of the train. While heading towards the back there was a huge commotion that a woman fitting Ms. Vance’s description had jumped out of the service car. When Zaratash arrived many of the servants were quite startled and the kalashtar could only see a glimpse of what was thought to be Ms. Vance.

While at the front of the train Detective Cluso was interrogating a young boy, the same boy that Worm gifted an eye patch to. It turns out the boy had seen the woman in quest head to the engine room. Worm and Oswald thanked the little guy and headed there, alerting Zaratash through the mind link that they had found her.

Trapped in the engine room were Yeli and Shelli both terrified of the raving Ms. Vance. While everyone on the train was panicking a warforged went to check out what all the commotion was about. She confronted a young man, calmed him down, and proceeded to head to the engine room.

The plan of attack for the party was that Worm would head down a fake coal shoot, Zaratash would go through the window, and Oswald would bust down the door. Surprisingly everything went according to plan. Oswald egged the woman on to see what she could really do and then was hit with a large energy bolt which he didn’t take the full force of. The warforged, Behemoth, also was caught in the blast. Eventually they wittled her down and discovered that she had become completely bonkers probably because of a malevolent scarf.

After this Yeli decided to convert to the order of the Blood God, something that made Oswald happy, but not anyone else. The little gnome sacrificed little critters in the god’s name. After Behemoth spoke to the gnome and the child whose rabbit Sir Fluffy was murdered by Yeli but didn’t know it, Worm gave the boy a cat that then proceeded to name him Sir Whiskers.

When the adventurers finally arrived in Passage, there was a fortune teller in the market place who got scared when they got their fortunes read, because they didn’t have one. Behemoth got hers read. In the vision the woman told her that she saw her in a wasteland, there were constructs baring a symbol with lightning, but from there it became very blurry. Afterwards the group retired to an inn where Zaratash was warned by a fellow kalashtar that there had been rumors of Inspired activity in the Towering Woods.



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