The Higher We Climb the More We Find

In the library on the 2nd floor of the tree tower there was a book that had caught Zaratash’s eye, which had a page that may relate to the cube that his uncle had found. It was as followed,

Passages of the Unknown (Book)
Lo and behold underlings of the Inspired Ones, gaze upon Them, who have bestowed their love upon you. They gave you their gifts and under their tutelage Reidra has blossomed. Gods among mortals, your eyes can only witness only part of the splendor, part of the gift that you do not deserve. This is their love. This is their wisdom. This is their hope. This is their treasure. Light has naught the power to provide you what you truly need. Within this your loyal heart lies, within this the physical manifestation of our love and your loyalty to us. Black and perfect in shape like the Void itself. May our essence empower you and let it flow through you as you carry our vessel.
The Gaze of a Thousand 2:35

The Gaze of a Thousand sounded like it related to the Thousand Eyes, which are a group in Riedra that look from any internal dissension or outside infiltration. However the passage was vague at best. It could’ve been referring to the item, but maybe not. It didn’t hurt to keep the book right?

The group continued their way up to the 3rd floor. Their scouting efforts let them discover that that floor was storage and the infirmary. Once more Zaratash tried his disguise again. The group thought they would be able to sneak by, but one of the druids’ animal companions, a small cat, noticed something peculiar about the group as they walked by and alerted her druid. After a short conversation and fight, the adventurers investigated the room. They found sulfur, potassium nitrate, and charcoal, all components of black powder. When they questioned the enemies they left alive, they had no idea what it was used for, but it was clear that black powder was not usually used for druidic magic.

Using a new disguise Zaratash rushed to the 4th floor and pretended to be the medicine man that was on the 3rd floor. He told the men that intruders had begun to reek havoc on the 2nd floor and that they needed help. The enemies fell for this trick and hurried downstairs, but a few went to the 3rd floor just to make sure no enemies were hiding out. Again the adventurers took them out in the stairwell.

On the 4th floor was the armory and the main library. Henry created a large slab of rock in the stairwell so there would not be anymore enemies from below to come up… well it would probably slow them down a great deal. Neblin raided it for spellbooks, which there were a few that looked useful, while the others took a took peak in the armory and found a fair amount of money.

On the 5th floor, after they scouted to make sure the coast was clear, was the rescued animals and clinic. The stables were populated with a pair of dire hyenas (whom were very disgruntle), an onyx deer, a kirin (that had been captured from the House Vadalis stables while he was waiting for a young paladin to pick him up), and an old friend the Foo Dog Fire (who they had meet in the crystal caves of Thames). Fire was most surprised to see them, since his fate was to go back to the celestial plane via being killed by the Ashbound, but one cannot complain when they are rescued by the Fateless. The Kirin, who was named Olin, volunteered to cast some beneficial spells on them, and that he and Fire would guard the stairwell just in case someone somehow made it through the stone Henry put in place. Olin did offer one warning, Coatl was not what he seemed to be. He had been in the presence of the man once and there was something very sinister about him. Olin had been around his fair share of humans, but noe where like them.

“Please be careful, my new friends,” Olin rumbled, “Even he made me feel uneasy.”



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