We're off to see the Mad Druid

On their way to the stronghold of Coatl the adventurers did not have an uneventful journey there. The party was able to guide their horses and dire wolves with Henry’s help without too much trouble.

During the night they thought it would be wise to rest the horses. Even though Henry would’ve rather pressed on he agreed the horses should be rested. Behemoth and Worm decided to stay on the ground while Shad and Zaratash took to the trees. Henry went off to do his own thing. A large popcorn smelling dire bearcat wandered into the camp looking for food. Thankfully that was all he was looking for and once satiated he wandered back into the woods.

Well trouble came in the form of giant ants with Ashbound druids attacking them. These insectoids were no match for the ground, but in one desperate attempt one of the last druids standing unleashed a storm of ice and snow. Of course Shad insulted Henry’s druidic abilities, secretly the older Warden of the Wood wanted to bash the ignorant elf upside the head.

The captured Ashbound, oOwenwho they tied to a tree later, told them everything they wanted to know. They had the brilliant idea of having Zaratash disguise himself as Owen and tied his companions loosely to pretend they were prisoners. It worked…for a while but by the second floor they were forced to fight the acolytes. Now they head to the top floor to get Lyle back and to pillage the complex of its riches.



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