Where Were You a Minute Ago?

Taking another swept through the ninth floor a couple of the adventurers noticed a secret door that was in the wall. Worm went to check it out and there in a sack was a male human. He had been walking near the petrified redwood and he was captured by the Ashbound and thrown in a closet. The young man’s name was Tristian and he hail fron Adar. So they went to the top floor.

When they got to the top of the stairs a strong northern wind carrying the smells of fire and brimstone blew down the corridor. The air temperature rose to desert like heat temperatures. A roar followed by the voices of terrified men and women was what they heard.

When they reached the top floor there was an earthquake and the rooms collapsed. On that floor were quite a few hellcats, eagles flying overhead, and a druid who was mad ahead.

“Well it’s about time you showed up,” A man with light brown eyes and a big smile dressed in a black bear hide addressed them. At his feet the body parts of several humans.

Coatl and Henry had a very short exchange then the battle began. Coatl turned into a mastodon and Henry in his smiledon form. The first to go down was Coatl followed by the hellcats which tried to run away but that fruit did come into fruition. During the battle they learned that Coatl broke off from the Ashbound after he met an individual that would change his life forever. This was told to him by a Fatereader. Coatl was going to summon a plague but he needed the hearts of two relatives. So he captured Lyle to lure Henry there.

After the battle was won and the loot was to be divided a giant eagle landed on one of the platforms that turned into an old orc. Shad immediately started to verbally attack the orc. He said that his name was O’mek Welya, he told them he was part of an ancient druid sect called the Gatekeepers. The Gatekeepers used wards to keep aberrations at bay. He went off to the other side of the Eldreen Reaches. He discovered that he had been draw to a false alarm. When the players told O’mok what he was doing the orc thanked them for stopping Coatl. Someone had tricked Coatl. The spell he was going to cast was really a break ward spell.

O’mok agreed to take the adventurers to Blood Crescent Bay since Henry wanted to bring his nephew to Greenheart. So while everyone was chatting the group headed back to the abomination room to grab the loot. Worm snuck into the room and hightailed it out of there. O’mok sighed and summoned some animals to deal with the undead inside.

In one of the makeshift bedrooms O’mok spoke to Henry. The man wanted Lyle to rest a little bit before making the journey to Greenheart.

“You only know I’m doing this because I owe a couple of favors,” O’mok leaned against the door frame.

“I made a promise I could not keep,” Henry sighed putting blankets on Lyle, “Beside your niece will be very pleased.”

“Don’t remind me,” The old orc sighed, “Well Maagrim has been in her own share of messes.”



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