In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle

The dying man was healed by the party. He introduced himself as Peter Wells, a cleric of Pelor and local healer form red Lagoon. While collecting herbs and roots for healing salves he was attacked by bandits. He thanked the party many times and offered to guide them to town. On their way there they passed by a small group of tribal elves who spoke to Shad momentarily warning him about the many dangers of the forest that ranged from man eating plants to venomous dinosaurs.

A few hours later the adventurers arrived in Red Lagoon. Peter thanked them once again and told them if they ever needed assistance he would try to help them in anyway he could. The party headed to the Blink Sloth Pub, where they stopped to rest and have a drink. A large man about Oswald’s size approached them and introduced himself as Tiny Jim, head of security for Eric McWert. After a short exchange they were taken to the banana plantation.

At the plantation the party met Jane and Todd, Eric’s children, and Annie, a yappy dumb dachshund, whom gave Neblin a slight headache. Worm tried to give Todd some advice in chess as he play against his father, which failed. Eric McWert did not waste any time to tell the party what they were up against. There were several issues security haven’t been able to deal with, boars in the fields, man eating plants, monkeys stealing fruit, and bandits who were stealing farm equipment. When all of this was done, Eric agreed he would enter the partnership with House Tharashk.

The party requested materials that would help them with their newly given tasks. Oswald wanted a breastplate, Shad some chainmail, and for Worm and Neblin for spells and materials for alchemist fire. The plantation owner was more than accommodating with these items.

During their time at the blacksmith Michael, they received from information from Winter, the large Clydesdale, that the bandits smelled like earth, but she wasn’t able to get a good look at them because it was quite dark.

In the afternoon the party headed in the direction where the farmhands had run into the man-eating plants. During their excursion they ran into a pack of boars, which were swiftly turned into bacon. Said bacon was used to barter with some baboons and swarms on monkeys, but not before Worm did the following.

“Oh cool monkeys!” Worm ran ahead toward the monkeys.

“They can be aggressive…” Shad started to shout, “Dammit.”

Luckily Neblin was able to barter with the monkeys giving them the boar meat in exchange of stop eating the bananas from the plantation and to drive away other monkeys.

Continuing on the party encountered a tribal elven child, who was separated during a raid. He told Shad that he had snuck into a basket and was carried off accidentally into battle. The child got away because Todd McWert let free from the plantation shed after he had been captured. They found the tribal elves encampment and the party was welcomed inside.

They met with Chief Run with Monkeys, who explained what was really happening with the plantation. They were locked in a conflict, the elven tribe used to own many hundreds of square miles of land before the McWert family had moved here, who claimed they had legal binding papers making them owners of this part of the jungle. The tribe was responsible for the monkeys, boars, man-eating plants, and raids on the plantation. It was the only way they could fight back, the chief said.

The party agreed, if the the tribe would agree to let House Tharashk mine on their lands then they could keep the rest of the jungle. Neblin said he would contract the house and see if they can buy the property outright from the McWerts.

During their time with the tribe the party learned quite a few things. Their was a large ruin called the Death Pit that the local healer Speaks with Trees and his now spider monkey former apprentice Swim with Otters tried to traverse. Unfortunately Swim with Otters was turned into the spider monkey and was stuck that way. Eat Crickets told the adventurers were they could find what sounded like a large dragonshard, though the color of the shard was unlike ones that were known.

The Expendables

Ah Thrane, who doesn’t like a beautiful nation such as this… Well there is the oppressive atmosphere caused by theocratic government. The adventurers travels were temporarily interrupted with the celebration of the Mass of Silver Fire ,of course, performed in Draconic tongue. It wasn’t the only time people stopped, to meditate and reflect on the power and glory of the Silver Flame. What was supposed to be a shorter journey took at least times long.

Thrane was a beautiful city with its white spires with silvery carved artwork. the adventurers vehicles slowed to a halt as they stopped in front of a large house painted white enclosed by black iron fence. It looked more like a simple residence in the Cobblestone District.

A man outside dressed in simple leathers and a giant battle axe guarded the front door. Beside him was a burly half-orc dressed similarly, but along with his armor he wore tribal jewelry. Someone deduced that he was from the Shadow Wastes. The human knocked on the door, calling someone inside. The guard them the newly arrived adventurers to wait in the common room.

During this time they introduced themselves to each other. There was Neblin, the gnome who has two dogs and a large owl with him. He had traveled with Wyrm on the lightning rail. He was quite exciting every now and then saying things about antiquities. Wyrm the goblin just kept on eating cakes that were to him by a hooded figure. There was also a handsome human in leather armor just glancing here and there, who called himself Zaratash.

A few moments later a man dressed in leather armor without his gaunlets entered the room. “I am Daric d’Veldarran, dragonmarked heir to House Tharashk as a few of you may know. Welcome to Flamekeep, lovely city isn’t it? ” Daric sighed, “I had my mornings interrupted by Draconic chanting..LOUDLY…to the Silver flame. Bah, but come in, I have lunch ready. I hope you enjoy roast chicken.”

“Live chicken?” Wyrm asked.

“No my friend, already roast,” Daric led them into a decently furnished dining hall with plates and utensils already set.

“I would’ve rather be meeting in Aundair, but I have business here that must be taken care of," Daric said as he nibbled on his chicken breast."

“So you said you wanted to talk business,” The hooded figure stated.

“Of course,” Daric said and placed his fork down, “I have a task for you. You have all heard of Pondera? The once impenetrable “lands”. As you know business expansion tends to be a very good thing. There is a banana plantation owner named Eric McWert in Red Lagoon, Thames. Recenlty his workers discovered some caves with very unusual minerals.”

Daric reached to his pouch and took out some clear crystals, but when the sunlight hit them the light burst into rainbows, "It is similar to other gems but even more efficient. My mineralogists says there is a lot of potential in this crystal. They hold heat very well and stay cold for an extremely long time. Mr. McWert has agreed to give us a partnership with these mines if I help him first, since it is his land of course. He is having trouble, animal, pests, and bandits on his property. So I want to you guys go to Thames and meet with Mr. McWert, do as he asks, procure acouple more larger samples to study, and when he is satisified with your work, have him sign this contract. I have had it notarized by House Sivis and arcane marked. After you are done, bring it back.“

Wyrm reached for a crystal and tossed it in the fire and observed its properties.

“For transportation I have made arrangements with House Lynrandor. Since the discovery of Pondera, their airship business has boomed. Unfortunately there have been an increased number of high jacking. Those airships are quite expensive as well as their cargo. They are short on marshals and would like you to act as them since you have a decent amount of combat experience," Daric continued.

At that Neblin spat out his water and coughed.

“Your ship will have two stops, first you will stop in Nortek, Ironfast, Pondera’s dwarf country. I would like you to deliver a letter to Thar Williams, he has an outpost in the dwarven capital. Then your ship will stop in Gen, Dighton, from there you will need to go on foot to Red Lagoon, Thames. Just take the main road out of Haven to go there. You cannot miss it. Someone from Mr. McWert’s farm will be around the Blink Sloth Pub for that week to take you to his place. Normally I would sent people of higher position within the house, but we are a little short handed too.This is good opportunity for all of you. Do not disappoint me. We cannot let the other houses know about this crystal.”

The adventurers went to get equipment at a local shop called Kobolds Explosions and Finery, where they were able to negotiate a wand price down if they handed the kobold Adam there a crystal sample. Then they headed to the air port.

The Flamekeep air port was bustling. The Dancing Cloud is on the field. The ship resembled a large word ship with a single thin silver ring hovering, with the ship in the middle. Sailors were loading barrels and crates along with horses and other farm animals on board.

When the adventurers found the captain. She greeted them with a warm welcome. The captain was a half-elven woman with a peg leg and a hook for a hand, who also had an eye patch and a blue parrot on her, “Arg Matey’s put er thar!”

Wyrm shook her hook had. The hook slipped off. The goblin immediately started apologizing. She laughed and shook off the peg leg and the eye patch.

“Can I have that?” Wyrm asked. The captain shurgged and handed it to him. He squeed with delight.

The parrot turned into a rat and the woman said, “My names is Captain Naila Sollin, and this ship is the Dancing Cloud. Come follow me to my quarters we have to talk about your seating arrangements.”

They learned that a daughter of an important member of House Cannith was on board and that is why the added security was necessary.

After they talked about patrolling shifts and such, the adventurers fanned out to check out the ship. The hooded party member quickly became friends with Skull, a sailor on the ship who graceishly shared his alcohol with him. Zaratash got to know a religious mane named Alair. Wyrm made friends with a pink kobold named Spitfire.

Spitfire has a device that he claimed could catch ghosts. When Wyrm flipped it on, it caused an explosion which several other gobliins weren’t so lucky to dodge. The explosions startled some rats on board in the cargo hold to come out of some tainted grain feed boxes meant for House Vadalis hippogriffs on board.

The adventurers quickly dispatched the rats. Several days later they landed in Nortek, Ironfast.


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