Oh Mr. Sandman...

After talking to Jembo about the treasure the party decided to rest for a little bit before heading towards Rotting Blade. What they gathered from Blood Crescent is that Rotting Blade was a poor town about 50 miles east. Strangely for a poor town they have withstood the elements of the Demon Wastes and their in inhabitants.

In the morning the party headed out. Throughout the day demons flew from above and walked by them but something seemed to be holding them back from attacking. They figured it was the pendants that O’mok had given them that were keeping the demons away.

Soon it was beginning to turn to dusk and the adventurers decided it was time to break for camp so they found an outcropping of rocks to rest within. As they rested Worm, Oswald, and Grey awoke to the sound of flipping wings, hoards of tiny imps started to attack them. Walking up Tristian and Neblin did not work inside their minds they were fighting their own battle. A night hag had infiltrated their dreams. She warned them to stay away from Rotting Blade or they would suffer like no other. She disappeared and in her place they fought a vulture demon. Tristian and Neblin discovered quickly they could dream up incredible things and it would take shape. Soon the demon had to tango with an enormous elemental and an astral deva.

The battle was won however the threat had no affect on the party. They marched on and reach Rotting Blade. The town was a gloomy place. Most of the townsfolk did not make eye contact with the adventurers. There was one town member that interacted with them. A small boy named William, who preferred to be called Billy. The boy immediately took to Grey petting and hugging her. Billy chatted about a strange blue ugly lady he followed into a broken house. He described the night hag that attacked them early.

Interested the party went to the house the boy spoke of and found her hearthstone which had the ability to transfer one into the dreams of others. The suit of armor they found an image of it in a painting which depicted the founder of the town a Nathaniel Bladesplitter. They also discovered that Vraria, the night hag had received summons from a person named Kyrale. Vraria had left in such a hurry that the house was very poorly warded. It was easy to grab tuff.

Billy mentioned to them that the founder of the town looked like a man he knew. A dopey man named Nerman Awkan and he was silly he said. The party paid a visit to the man thinking he may possess the armor, but he didn’t. However strangely enough though he had never seen the armor he could describe it perfectly, because he dreamed of it every night. Using the hearthstone after they knocked Nerman and Billy out with a sleeping spell they went into his dream. Tristian tricked dream Nerman to go into the other room with him, pretending to adjust and fit his armor. When he stepped out dream Nerman was knocked out by Oswald and stripped of his armor.

When they came back in the real world Nerman’s wife had come downstairs to check on them only to be knocked out also. Then Worm took out his bag of tricks and ferrets appeared. No one knew why they did that. With the armor in the bag they took Billy home, but not before trapping Vraria’s house with explosives and other traps. They were going to destroy her. Grey especially wanted this because people in the town were basically food. Night hags eat humans.

Now they plot. If the traps don’t kill this bitch, they will.

Of Gnomes and Gems

So O’mok summoned some magical eagles and told the adventurers that eagles will get them to the coast in four days. They would have to rest the creatures every so often in order not to strain them. When they were arrived at the coast they were to launch some fireworks to signal the ship that would take them to Blood Crescent.

“You mentioned that someone would be glad that you helped us,” Worm inquired during the eagle instruction, “May I ask who?”

O’mok sighed, “My niece, Maagrim, she does some ‘light’ work for your organization.”

“Never heard of her,” Neblin said.

“Well I owed her a few favors,” O’mok left it at that.

Travel was not as smooth as the group would’ve wished. They discovered that they were being trailed by something that was moving at a faster speed than what the eagles could fly. When they turned their pursuers turned. Their idea was to set up an ambush, but first they would see who their attackers were. They stopped and hid and to their surprise it was 2 clockwork soldiers and a large clockwork golem.

Before the battle began the machines demanded that they handed Zaratash over or they would be forced to use excessive force. When the group tried to play dumb the machines attacked. The golem itself was more than a match for them able to slam his opponents with ease. It got really dicey when the golem pushed over a tree Worm was in causing him to topple out.

It took a while, but they were finally able to defeat all of the clockwork beings. Neblin harvested the valuable parts. There weren’t any symbols or crests on the machines to tell the adventurers who had sent these guys. The only clue they had to go on was the serial number, which was on each ones of them, X9768.

A few days later the group reached the shore. They allowed the eagles to go back from whence they came and Worm lit the fireworks. A few hours later a ship came into view and the guys were on it. The trip to Blood Crescent was uneventful.

They immediately went to the leader, who showed them the item in question. A red gem about the size of a fist was embedded into the hard wood floor. Apparently when they tried to ship the gem it became so heavy that it went through the floor after it was dropped.

Surprisingly the gem was easy to left for Oswald. Inside the gem was a gnomes who introduced himself as Jembo. He had been waiting for another group of vict… I mean adventurers to take on the quest for Magpie’s treasure. There were twenty items they had to find, each previous found item would enable them to find the next by Jembo’s scrying. Coincidentally the first item was a suit of full plate which was made out of adamantium, which Oswald immediately agreed tot he quest. The armor was in a town not too far away called Rotting Blade in possession of the ruler of the town.

Where Were You a Minute Ago?

Taking another swept through the ninth floor a couple of the adventurers noticed a secret door that was in the wall. Worm went to check it out and there in a sack was a male human. He had been walking near the petrified redwood and he was captured by the Ashbound and thrown in a closet. The young man’s name was Tristian and he hail fron Adar. So they went to the top floor.

When they got to the top of the stairs a strong northern wind carrying the smells of fire and brimstone blew down the corridor. The air temperature rose to desert like heat temperatures. A roar followed by the voices of terrified men and women was what they heard.

When they reached the top floor there was an earthquake and the rooms collapsed. On that floor were quite a few hellcats, eagles flying overhead, and a druid who was mad ahead.

“Well it’s about time you showed up,” A man with light brown eyes and a big smile dressed in a black bear hide addressed them. At his feet the body parts of several humans.

Coatl and Henry had a very short exchange then the battle began. Coatl turned into a mastodon and Henry in his smiledon form. The first to go down was Coatl followed by the hellcats which tried to run away but that fruit did come into fruition. During the battle they learned that Coatl broke off from the Ashbound after he met an individual that would change his life forever. This was told to him by a Fatereader. Coatl was going to summon a plague but he needed the hearts of two relatives. So he captured Lyle to lure Henry there.

After the battle was won and the loot was to be divided a giant eagle landed on one of the platforms that turned into an old orc. Shad immediately started to verbally attack the orc. He said that his name was O’mek Welya, he told them he was part of an ancient druid sect called the Gatekeepers. The Gatekeepers used wards to keep aberrations at bay. He went off to the other side of the Eldreen Reaches. He discovered that he had been draw to a false alarm. When the players told O’mok what he was doing the orc thanked them for stopping Coatl. Someone had tricked Coatl. The spell he was going to cast was really a break ward spell.

O’mok agreed to take the adventurers to Blood Crescent Bay since Henry wanted to bring his nephew to Greenheart. So while everyone was chatting the group headed back to the abomination room to grab the loot. Worm snuck into the room and hightailed it out of there. O’mok sighed and summoned some animals to deal with the undead inside.

In one of the makeshift bedrooms O’mok spoke to Henry. The man wanted Lyle to rest a little bit before making the journey to Greenheart.

“You only know I’m doing this because I owe a couple of favors,” O’mok leaned against the door frame.

“I made a promise I could not keep,” Henry sighed putting blankets on Lyle, “Beside your niece will be very pleased.”

“Don’t remind me,” The old orc sighed, “Well Maagrim has been in her own share of messes.”

Almost to the Top

Before moving to the entire group to the 6th floor, Worm volunteered to scout ahead. The small goblin was greeted with rows and rows of mirrors. After multiple detects of psionics, magic, and other searches of the like they located a door hidden by illusion. Captured enemies told them it was the abomination room and that whatever creatures were inside were guarding some treasure. The abominations inside were unknown to the lower ranked folk. All they knew that someone once went inside and were torn limb from limb.

After deciding that they didn’t want to feel reckless they trudged up the stairwell this time letting Zaratash scout ahead to the 7th floor. At the next floor he found himself in a small kitchen, the cutting board had chopped vegetables that seemed to be left suddenly unattended. He continued to explore the rest of the floor, freezing in his tracks when he heard a moan of pain. Reporting what he had heard to his allies the rest of them headed up. The place was a holding area and torture room with two victims still attached to their devices inside. A House Vadalis member, Alis, had been captured not too long ago had to leg mangled by a knee-splitter. The other prison was a familiar face to Henry, a young Warden of the Wood Hal, who had been captured for at least two weeks. Hal was part of a patrol that was ambushed and interrogated for information. The rest of his unit was cooked alive in the bronze bull. Coatl had been down in the torture chambers using a orbs to capture what he thinks was their pain. Neblin deduced it was part of some ritual maybe, a demonic one if anything. The pair were unable to tell the group what they would find on the floors above. But they pressed on anyhow.

The 8th floor was a greenhouse, which housed most of the tower’s medicinal plants. The area was a mostly opened one with plants growing on the large branches. This was the one area so far that allowed access to the outside. Once glance around and Henry immediately knew that some of the plants were actually sentient. So the group decided it would be wise to come back later once Coatl was out of the picture.

The 9th floor was full of commotion. Whoever was on the lower floors must’ve come up here. Using the element of surprise the adventurers descended upon the unwary druid like a plague of locusts. Halfway through the battle a group of druids erected a slab of stone and made their way to the 10th floor. Moments later a head rolled down the stairwell, which turned out to be one of the druids that went up there.

Henry’s animal companion reported that the area smelled of fire and brimstone, but there were no signs of life as fair as he could see, but he could smell Lyle, eagles, and more fire…

The Higher We Climb the More We Find

In the library on the 2nd floor of the tree tower there was a book that had caught Zaratash’s eye, which had a page that may relate to the cube that his uncle had found. It was as followed,

Passages of the Unknown (Book)
Lo and behold underlings of the Inspired Ones, gaze upon Them, who have bestowed their love upon you. They gave you their gifts and under their tutelage Reidra has blossomed. Gods among mortals, your eyes can only witness only part of the splendor, part of the gift that you do not deserve. This is their love. This is their wisdom. This is their hope. This is their treasure. Light has naught the power to provide you what you truly need. Within this your loyal heart lies, within this the physical manifestation of our love and your loyalty to us. Black and perfect in shape like the Void itself. May our essence empower you and let it flow through you as you carry our vessel.
The Gaze of a Thousand 2:35

The Gaze of a Thousand sounded like it related to the Thousand Eyes, which are a group in Riedra that look from any internal dissension or outside infiltration. However the passage was vague at best. It could’ve been referring to the item, but maybe not. It didn’t hurt to keep the book right?

The group continued their way up to the 3rd floor. Their scouting efforts let them discover that that floor was storage and the infirmary. Once more Zaratash tried his disguise again. The group thought they would be able to sneak by, but one of the druids’ animal companions, a small cat, noticed something peculiar about the group as they walked by and alerted her druid. After a short conversation and fight, the adventurers investigated the room. They found sulfur, potassium nitrate, and charcoal, all components of black powder. When they questioned the enemies they left alive, they had no idea what it was used for, but it was clear that black powder was not usually used for druidic magic.

Using a new disguise Zaratash rushed to the 4th floor and pretended to be the medicine man that was on the 3rd floor. He told the men that intruders had begun to reek havoc on the 2nd floor and that they needed help. The enemies fell for this trick and hurried downstairs, but a few went to the 3rd floor just to make sure no enemies were hiding out. Again the adventurers took them out in the stairwell.

On the 4th floor was the armory and the main library. Henry created a large slab of rock in the stairwell so there would not be anymore enemies from below to come up… well it would probably slow them down a great deal. Neblin raided it for spellbooks, which there were a few that looked useful, while the others took a took peak in the armory and found a fair amount of money.

On the 5th floor, after they scouted to make sure the coast was clear, was the rescued animals and clinic. The stables were populated with a pair of dire hyenas (whom were very disgruntle), an onyx deer, a kirin (that had been captured from the House Vadalis stables while he was waiting for a young paladin to pick him up), and an old friend the Foo Dog Fire (who they had meet in the crystal caves of Thames). Fire was most surprised to see them, since his fate was to go back to the celestial plane via being killed by the Ashbound, but one cannot complain when they are rescued by the Fateless. The Kirin, who was named Olin, volunteered to cast some beneficial spells on them, and that he and Fire would guard the stairwell just in case someone somehow made it through the stone Henry put in place. Olin did offer one warning, Coatl was not what he seemed to be. He had been in the presence of the man once and there was something very sinister about him. Olin had been around his fair share of humans, but noe where like them.

“Please be careful, my new friends,” Olin rumbled, “Even he made me feel uneasy.”

We're off to see the Mad Druid

On their way to the stronghold of Coatl the adventurers did not have an uneventful journey there. The party was able to guide their horses and dire wolves with Henry’s help without too much trouble.

During the night they thought it would be wise to rest the horses. Even though Henry would’ve rather pressed on he agreed the horses should be rested. Behemoth and Worm decided to stay on the ground while Shad and Zaratash took to the trees. Henry went off to do his own thing. A large popcorn smelling dire bearcat wandered into the camp looking for food. Thankfully that was all he was looking for and once satiated he wandered back into the woods.

Well trouble came in the form of giant ants with Ashbound druids attacking them. These insectoids were no match for the ground, but in one desperate attempt one of the last druids standing unleashed a storm of ice and snow. Of course Shad insulted Henry’s druidic abilities, secretly the older Warden of the Wood wanted to bash the ignorant elf upside the head.

The captured Ashbound, oOwenwho they tied to a tree later, told them everything they wanted to know. They had the brilliant idea of having Zaratash disguise himself as Owen and tied his companions loosely to pretend they were prisoners. It worked…for a while but by the second floor they were forced to fight the acolytes. Now they head to the top floor to get Lyle back and to pillage the complex of its riches.

Dammit Druid Affairs!

House Orien was kind enough to arrange passage across the lake with Captain Ninefingers of the boat called Smooth sailing. During their journey on the ship they became acquainted with the eco terrorist group known as the Ashbound. One of the said group tried to attack Smooth Sailing with a swarm of summoned crabs, but then the steamer just sailed off.

Sometime later the adventurers landed in Delethorn, an establishment for House Vadalis. The group learned that there was a druid named Henry Greenlull that was currently investigating nearby Ashbound activity. It was very well known that the Ashbound hates House Vadalis for mage breeding animals and it was not the first sighting of them in the area. Henry happened to be heading towards the same direction as the adventurers and welcomed the opportunity to have traveling companions. During their time in Delethorn the group acquired a few dire wolves…Don’t know how that happened.

Henry told the group that they had to stop by Neirn and Greenheart on their way to Crescent Bay. On their way to Neirn they found one of Henry’s apprentices with a traitor Peter, formerly House Vadalis, nearly dead on the road. Amber told Henry on their way back to Neirn with some arcane artifacts they found in some ruins they were attacked by the Ashbound who stole the artifacts and Henry’s nephew Lyle. The group was being led by Coatl, one of the many heads of the Ashbound who had been missing for some time. The last person to fight Coatl was Henry. Peter after being smacked around a bit and nearly killed by Oswald told the group that Lyle was taken to a base near the Gloom. They now race there to try to save Lyle and to get back the stole artifacts.

She's One Crazy Bitch

There was a train wide search for the psionic. Neblin and Zaratash went towards the caboose while Worm and Oswald headed toward the front of the train. While heading towards the back there was a huge commotion that a woman fitting Ms. Vance’s description had jumped out of the service car. When Zaratash arrived many of the servants were quite startled and the kalashtar could only see a glimpse of what was thought to be Ms. Vance.

While at the front of the train Detective Cluso was interrogating a young boy, the same boy that Worm gifted an eye patch to. It turns out the boy had seen the woman in quest head to the engine room. Worm and Oswald thanked the little guy and headed there, alerting Zaratash through the mind link that they had found her.

Trapped in the engine room were Yeli and Shelli both terrified of the raving Ms. Vance. While everyone on the train was panicking a warforged went to check out what all the commotion was about. She confronted a young man, calmed him down, and proceeded to head to the engine room.

The plan of attack for the party was that Worm would head down a fake coal shoot, Zaratash would go through the window, and Oswald would bust down the door. Surprisingly everything went according to plan. Oswald egged the woman on to see what she could really do and then was hit with a large energy bolt which he didn’t take the full force of. The warforged, Behemoth, also was caught in the blast. Eventually they wittled her down and discovered that she had become completely bonkers probably because of a malevolent scarf.

After this Yeli decided to convert to the order of the Blood God, something that made Oswald happy, but not anyone else. The little gnome sacrificed little critters in the god’s name. After Behemoth spoke to the gnome and the child whose rabbit Sir Fluffy was murdered by Yeli but didn’t know it, Worm gave the boy a cat that then proceeded to name him Sir Whiskers.

When the adventurers finally arrived in Passage, there was a fortune teller in the market place who got scared when they got their fortunes read, because they didn’t have one. Behemoth got hers read. In the vision the woman told her that she saw her in a wasteland, there were constructs baring a symbol with lightning, but from there it became very blurry. Afterwards the group retired to an inn where Zaratash was warned by a fellow kalashtar that there had been rumors of Inspired activity in the Towering Woods.

Murder on the Passage Express

The adventurers did some shopping in Flame Keep before they departed to Passage, Eldreen Reaches. When they finished they met up with Daric and he handed then their tickets, “These are your lightning rail passes. Your train will depart in the morning and it will take two days to reach Passage. From there head to Blood Crescent our outpost in the Demon Wastes. The commander of the post is Baruk. He can be a little ruthless but he is cunning, you have to be to deflect onslaughts out there. He’ll give you everything that we found on Magpie.”

In the morning the group headed to the station boarding onto platform 13. The conductor a man with a large red bushy mustache introduced himself as Sert Mcgowan and he cheerfully welcomed them on the train. He directed them to their second class cabins further down. He explained that there were 13 cars to this train, which included 2 1st class cars, 2 2nd class cars, a dining car, a ballroom car, 2 lounge cars, the tavern car called the Blue Flamingo, steerage car, storage car, service car, and a caboose. He also mentioned there was a very rude, ill tempered warforged on board that he himself had a nasty run in with and warned them to try not to crush his head.

After getting situated the group went to the Blue Flamingo Tavern for a drink and a warm meal. In the tavern they met several interesting people. There was the waiter and waitress George Sands and Kia Awe. Kia was the one who served them most of the night. She was a blonde woman with a fieriest temper this side of Thrane or so the barkeep Big Ned would say. For most of the night she would grumble about a warforged named Axen, who had insulted her.

There were also two warforged having a meal with a very well dress woman who introduced herself as Welia Vance, a very successful jewelry merchant. She was traveling to Passage with her two employees Nife and Axen. The two warforged were very skilled jewelry makers. Nife was very polite and answered any questions the group had while Axen glared at the group especially Neblin who openly expressed his disgust of the construct. Worm learning that Mr.Figglebottom was a professor of alchemy at a university struck up a converstion with the man and his gnome wife Matty. The professor mentioned to the goblin about his chat with the train’s engineer’s Yeli and Shelly Watts. Taking immediate interested he headed towards the train after Mr.Figglebottom gave a note to Kia.

A group of children followed the goblin, who was oblivious. After gathering all the information he could about Inspired activity Zaratash also went to the car after hearing about the children following his comrade. Bored with the usual affair Oswald struck up a conversation with Big Ned about weaponry while Neblin and Shad joined a group of elf bards as they sung about the old country.

Night came and there was a scream. Ms. Vance stumbled on the body of Axen who had been apparently knocked out and disassembled by a blow torch. A strange man in a trench coat, who introduced himself as Detective Cluso, charged into the room and annouced that he would solved the murder. As quickly as he came he disappeared leaving everyone very confused.

After some investigated it turned out Mr.Figglebottom had the blow torch in his room, but Kia admitted to the adventurers she and the professor were having a affair during the time of the murder. So it must have been planted. Nife told the players that he was looking for his enchanted wrench Lucky in the storage car, but they found it in the murder room and Axen had a wrench shaped dent on his head. Sert also piped up that while he was out on a smoke break he save Nife taking to Yeli. Yeli told the adventurers that he had lent his blow torch to the polite warforged. When confronted Nife had no idea what the adventurers were talking about.

Zaratash detected psionics on the storage revealing that Nife may have been dominated while in the car. When they found this out Zaratash asked Nife if Ms.Vance had any psionic capabilities and he mentioned that her father was a psion, but he wasn’t sure if his employer had any formal training. So the group investigated Welia Vance’s cabin and discovered documents that Axen had demanded a pay raise or he would transfer to a competitor. To be frank Ms. Vance probably wouldn’t have like that.

Now they search for the psycho psion.

She's a Witch!

The adventurers migrated their way back to Red Lagoon after acquiring the permit for Eric Mcwert needed for his tobacco farm. When they got back they made a deal with the plantation owner and the group sat down to have a chat. All parties came to a agreement that their house would be able to purchase the mines for 15,000gp and 4 scrolls.

After all that was said and done as they entered the town. There in the square a house was on fire and standing in front of said house was a boy with a bright grin on his face. It turned out to be Kiwi and he used Worm’s alchemist fire. Zaratash sighed as Shad shoved a piece of cake into Worm’s face. Worm decided to give a goodbye present to the mischievousness reptile. Delighted with his new eye patch, Kiwi dashed off, only to return an hour later mumbling something about putting the eye patch on a half blind troll which was headed to their drug lab.

The adventurers defeated the troll by acrobatically taking off the eye patch and giving him something to east. When the adventurers traveled back to the town Kiwi was there with sheepish look on his face.

Worm handed him a boot and said, "You can’t possibly do anything with this.

Kiwi grabbed the boot and skipped happily away.

The group headed back to Khovaire. They met up with Naila who had another marshall job for them. The cargo this time was a trained battle wyvern. During the journey everybody caught up with familiar faces. Stormbeard immediately shoved alcohol into Shad’s arms. Worm went to chat it up with Spitfire and Stink Eye. Zaratash saw the wizened healer and asked of Inspired One activity. During the trip the airship was attacked by sky pirates. Zaratash and Worm hopped onto flying machines to engage in air combat. Shad stayed oon board to load cannons and Oswald proceeded to chop down a mast that had acquired enemy pirates. The ship was descending but then some magic was casted and the ship levitated to the ground. Worm thought he saw the waitress gilda use magic on the ship and spent the rest of the trip accusing the waitress of being a spellcaster, which was a long time since they were stuck on a plateau in Ironfast for a week before repairs to the ship were made.

When they landed in Thrane Daric told Zaratash that his uncle had come across an item of Quori and now the Inspired Ones are after him. Daric said he was trying to help his uncle as much as he can, but this also means that Zaratash must be hidden to. The dragonmarked heir told them that they were to go to their outpost in the Demon Wastes. Daric has heard rumors of the famous thief Magpie’s treasure and the outpost attendant had proof.


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