Dighton is a small country on Blanchon located south of Gadarn and west of Skorukh. The capital is called Gen. Dighton’s geography consists rocky mountainous regions with lush vegetation. The land is not quite as fertile as Leona’s but it is suitable for perennials. Currently multiple religious orders occupy the region, because of a crater that is said to be the center point of all creation.

Today the religious leaders are called The Nine Situated. They lead the nine different provinces dedicated for the following gods, Moradin, Bahamut, Avandra, Ioun, Earthis, Corellon, Kord, Pelor, and the Raven Queen. The Nine Situated could be found traveling to and from their province and Gen. Usually when in Gen they can be found in the Silver Spire.

In the 1900s Dighton was largely populated by roaming bands of goliaths, gnolls, goblins, and shifters. The land was not looked at as important enough to make effort to clear out the savages. In 2136 several oracles of different divine servants received revelations that the crater was the center point of all creation. Immediately religious orders launched a “cleansing” campaign to drive out the natives to the Wilds. The natives officially lost the battle in 2140. The country of Dighton was established and the capital city Gen came to be near the newly named “Origin Crater”.

Because Dighton was made up of multiple provinces, each worshipping their own deity, their army was not unified. This made it very simple for Okilas (now Gadarn) to take the country under its control literally overnight. The religious leaders were enraged with Empress Yuli until she offered them religious and federal power over the peoples of Leona, Okilas, Skoruhk, and Ironfast. This only quelled the leaders anger so much, they tolerated the Empress’ rules, but in their sermons they spoke down upon her.

In 2490, when Dighton was liberated the religious leaders recognized that the fact without being united there was no possible way the country could hold off against a large military power. Setting their differences aside the various leaders formed the military alliance called the Steel Aegis. They march under the banner of a steel shield.

After the Drow Wars, with free trade going on between Khvoaire and Pondera, missionaries from Khovaire and in particularly Thrane have set up residencies in Gen trying to spread their own religions in Pondera. Normally the Nine Situated are very tolerant of other belief systems, but the missionaries of the Silver Flame have proven to be very highly aggressive. The Situated of Avandra, Kord, and the Raven Queen are currently trying to dissuade the Silver Flame practice. Thrane is not happy with that.


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